Giving Hope To Others

Join Tabz (David Taberner), Hettie and Emily as they bring us another KS1/KS2 video assembly / collective worship, this time on the theme of giving hope to others. In this session we look at the influence of Rev Martin Luther King Jnr. in bringing so much hope to those oppressed unfairly because of their skin colour. We think about how Jesus gave hope to everyone by welcoming them, even little children when the other grown ups ignored them. How can we bring hope to others around us?

Safe Space is a project of Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust, creating a safe space to explore the big issues of life and faith in local schools.

Learning Objectives:

  • To widen understanding of the Christian faith, values and New Testament stories.
  • To implement widened understanding through how considering others around us and how they may be in need of hope.
  • To see an impact in how we treat others, particular those left out, working together so that everyone can know goodness and hope in their lives.

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