August 16, 2020


We want to give you as much opportunity to join us in our mission as possible, having a greatly needed positive impact on the thousands of children and young people of this town.

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Why give to SASW Trust?

We are charity local to Southport and survive purely on donations (Charity No. 1075068).

We are feeling the need greater than ever to create safe spaces for young people to explore the big issues of life and faith. Inspired by, and through the lens of our own Christian faith, we’re spotting more and more needs for pastoral support, encouragement and care for children and young people right on our doorsteps and are committed to doing all we can in partnership with and alongside schools to resource young people during this time, to bring a message of hope.

They say it takes a village to raise a child – well, it takes all of us as Southport to meet these needs of children and young people in our town, bringing them hope for a better future.

The costs of just keeping up with the work we are currently achieving locally is around £45-50k per year, not accounting for the many extra hours volunteered.

Post-COVID19 Giving

Lockdown has hit hard for so many people, organisations and worshipping communities. As expected, our treasurer has a huge job on his hands trying to balance everything. Please could we extend the opportunity to anyone who has made it through lockdown with relative financial stability to lend a supporting hand to those personal financial supporters of Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust, and church congregations who we know and understand aren’t able to contribute the generous figures that they have done previously. At this time more than ever, please could we extend the ask of our trustees for you to help share that load, so that we might carry forwards a vision of hope to the children and young people of this town moving forwards.

Giving by text

You can give one-off, or regularly. Whether it’s by text, online, by standing order. Whatever is best for you.You can text Text SASWTRUST to 70085 to donate £10, or SASWTRUST £## to 70085 to donate a figure of your choice Texts cost the amount you enter plus one standard rate message.

Giving by standing order & bank transfer

Download a giving form – simple!

Our giving form can be printed at home and offers you the ability to give a one-off donation, gift aid it, or set up a standing order. You can post that to John, our treasurer who can process it all for you, or you can set up your standing order with your bank directly.

Giving online

The simplest way to give online, including with Gift Aid and no-commission service, is the PayPal Giving Fund. Each of the following “Donate” buttons let the donate the identified amount via all the common debit & credit cards, or directly from your PayPal account (if you have one!)

“I’d like to donate £5
“I’d like to donate £10″
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Fundraising Campaigns & Sponsored Events

We are also featured on From our page on here, you can either give a donation to our general campaign, or set up your own fundraising campaign in aid of SASW Trust. You may like to do this if you were planning on doing a sponsored event: a walk, run, cycle, skydive – whatever takes your fancy!

To simply donate to SASW Trust via our general campaign page:

To create your own fundraising campaign for SASW Trust (ie. for a sponsored event, etc.):


Thanks so much for joining us as we seek to meet a great need in our town embracing the many successful and exciting opportunities we have to do so.