It’s Your Move’ is an interactive, fun-packed introduction to the world of secondary school based on a resource from Scripture Union. Because we work as youth workers in secondary schools across Southport, we see it as a top priority to offer this presentation to year 6s every year to help them with their move.

We dispel some of the common worries around secondary school transition with many years of wisdom. Due to our uniquely consistent role across both stages of their school life, we reassure them with our promise to help them through the whole process, heavily promoting our secondary school Safe Spaces to explore the big issues of life and faith. Each ‘It’s Your Move’ presentation is a 30-minute balance of memorable, light-hearted activities alongside meaningful empowerment for the future, with the space to consider the impact personal faith could have on their journey too.

We aim to create a safe space where Year 6 children can air their concerns and raise questions about their transition to secondary school. The session encourages boldness, brevity and confidence in pupils’ next steps, with the space to consider the impact personal faith could have on their journey.

The session is accompanied by a collection of resources, including our It’s Your Move bookmarks, secondary school ‘Safe Space Southport’ promotion, online resources and several copies of Scripture Union’s ‘It’s Your Move’ book to share between the class. (Often partnering local churches will offer to fund a book for every child in the class, costing an approximate total of £35 due to our status as Scripture Union Local Mission Partners.)


We value this project at £65 per class: teaching time, prep & setup time, fuel, + £10 printing & resources.

We currently visit an average of 10 primary schools with the ‘It’s Your Move’ Project, costing £650 per year. However, our youth work team are active in every Southport secondary school, and therefore we think it would be valuable extend our ‘It’s Your Move’ offer to all local primary schools. To sustain an annual provision at no cost to each partnering school, we are seeking £1,200 annually.

Further Growth:

A second phase of growth would be to extend this offer beyond Southport, in conjunction with the setup of Safe Spaces in the secondary schools of neighbouring towns. For example, to visit each primary school in Formby we would like to raise a further £500 annually.