We hope you’ve had chance to have a browse of all our projects through the website! Here’s a summary of all costs attached to each project we run, so you can see some of the impact the generosity of our supporters makes. The right column also shows the annual funding we’d need to work towards if we were to grow as our longer term vision outlines, expanding each project realistically to better meet the needs in our town.


Current Annual Cost

Annual Cost of 5-Year Vision

Safe Space Assemblies & Workshops £6,300 £12,600
Mission Impossible £3,000 £11,000
Good Show Christmas Productions £6,400 £10,000
It’s Your Move £650 £1,700
Secondary School Safe Space Project £28,000 £65,000
Impact Youth £6,400 £14,000
Sweaty Church £4,000 £12,000
Similar After-School Clubs £2,500 £3,000
You, Me & R.S.E £1,400 £1,700
Walk Through The Bible £750 £1,300
CAP Money Kids £600 £2,700
Total £60,000 £135,000

We have several different options to choose from should you want to support us financially. We always need help in funding the provision of our existing work, whilst also being able to work towards what our work could like if we were more extensively meeting the local needs we see.