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Find out about the work of Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust and how you can join us in making a difference.

Who are we?

Find out about the team behind the various projects of SASW Trust and how you can join us in making a difference.


We visit primary and secondary schools across Southport and surrounding areas with exciting and enriching projects. Book us in for anything from KS3 lunchtime wellbeing sessions to seasonal RE stage productions and everything in-between!


We are a charity local to Southport and survive purely on voluntary funding (Charity No. 1075068). We are immensely grateful to the handful of generous individuals, fundraisers and church congregations who regularly give to this work. We value any contribution that you wish to give and hope this booklet gives you the assurance that it will make an impact. Check out the multiple ways to give online:


Journey with Tabz & Hettie into THE best online space for Southport’s high school students – fun, life, faith, wellbeing & more. Tabz & Hettie (familiar to many Primary and Secondary School students) bring you a Safe Space to explore the big issues of life and faith, with games, fun and chats via YouTube uploads, live videos and Instagram content.

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Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust is a local charity, which has served children, teenagers and their schools for over two decades with an ever growing vision to provide safe spaces to explore the big issues of life and faith.

We partner with schools, youth clubs, churches and other organisations to make a lasting difference in the lives of local young people – unleashing purpose, building resilience, and bringing hope for the future.

Now is the time more than ever to shine a beacon of light and bring hope to an emerging generation. Our youth workers and volunteers are powering ahead every day of the week, visiting primary and secondary schools, leading assemblies, running workshops, holding school yard drop-ins, after-school clubs and much much more!

In an age of ever increasing need, with escalating mental health and wellbeing concerns, we need to expand our hugely in-demand work across local schools. Could you be part of a movement that makes a difference right now and in years to come?

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Registered charity: 1075068