Join our Prayer Chain:

We have a weekly prayer chain email that comes directly from our staff system to give you weekly prayer requests from our workers, as well as highlights from what we are seeing the Lord do throughout local schools. It would be a huge encouragement to us if you’d like to sign up to receive these:

Go on a Prayer Trail:

Ever gone on a Prayer Walk? How about a Prayer Drive? Prayer Bike Ride? Whatever your mode of transport, thanks to the lovely idea of our supporter & partner, Tina Powsey, we’ve created three maps that provide you with different trails around Southport schools for those who wish to join us in holding our local school pupils, staff and surrounding communities in prayer.

We have two trails for covering primary schools in the north and south of the town and a third trail for covering local secondary schools and Further Education colleges.

Please feel free to download and use our guides to navigate yourself and others, however you wish to travel, as you connect with God’s heart for the thousands of young people in our town. With less than 5% of these young people connecting with local churches directly, it is all the more important we hold each one of them in prayer, thanking God for the opportunities they may well receive in their schools to explore faith and know the light of Jesus.