The Best Version Of Me


Join Tabz (David Taberner), Hettie and Emily as they bring us our sixth video assembly / collective worship on the theme of being the best version of me. Safe Space is a project of Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust, creating a safe space to explore the big issues of life and faith in local schools.

Learning OBJECTIVES and curricular links:

  • To widen understanding of the Christian values and biblical origins.
  • To implement widened understanding through choosing to not be defined by past mistakes.
  • To see an impact in the choices we make for the good of ourselves and those around us.

Session plan:

Intro: Tabz welcomes Hettie and Emily who introduce the assembly.

Game: Traffic Lights | Each traffic light colour (plus blue) has an action. Participants do the action of the colour that is called out.

Story: ‘Little man up in the tree’ from Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible, based upon the story of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus, found in Luke 19:1-10.

Game: Colour find | When a colour is called out, participants race Tabz to see who can find an item of that colour the fastest.

Thought: Reflections on choosing to show the most positive things about ourselves and being the best that we can be, whilst knowing that our mistakes don’t define who we are.

Challenge: Encouragement to decide what we will do this week to show the best of who we are.

SMSC Impact:


This session reflects upon the Christian story of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus and how peoples beliefs can change them. There is also an emphasis on grace and that our past mistakes don’t define who we are.


Pupils are encouraged to consider the impact their actions have on themselves and others, and decide how they can show the best of themselves through the choices they make.


The children are invited to reflect personally and discuss with others how their actions affect themselves and those around them, considering their own decision making and the positive things about themselves.


Our country, although historically a Christian nation, is now home to many people of differing cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. In these sessions, pupils have the opportunity to celebrate and reflect respectfully on our similarities, differences and the role faith plays in the lives of people around the world.

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