Stopping Bullying Together


A shortened version of Hettie & Tabz’s longer video addressing bullying using the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s 2020 theme of ‘United Against Bullying’.

This video serves as a great tool to use in PSCHE / Enrichment lessons / workshops in school with any year group, particularly during Anti-Bullying Week (16th-20th November 2020). We look at ABA’s manifesto for 2020, enthusing all students to play they part in combatting bullying. We also bring guidance for those experiencing bullying as a targets as well as a helpful thought for perpetrators – all whilst referring students to become familiar with their own school’s Anti-bullying Policy.

We also have a related activity and digital campaign explained in the video and accessible from:

The full version of this video is one of our weekly uploads to this Channel and features a bit more engagement to build community online amongst young people in Southport. We cut that bit here though, to make this video shorter and as useful as possible for the secondary school curriculum!

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