Anxiety – Hettie’s Story & Tips – Real-Talk Secondary School Video


A shortened version of Hettie & Tabz’s longer video getting real with some real-talk about ANXIETY.

Hettie shares her story about how she’s battled with anxiety in her own life, the points of rock-bottom and panic in hospital. We talk about about what she’s learnt from her experiences and the experiences of others as we round up with our 5 TIPS & HELPS for dealing with anxiety.

This video serves as a great tool to use in PSCHE / Enrichment lessons / workshops in school with any year group. The full version of this video is one of our weekly uploads to this Channel and features a bit more engagement to build community online amongst young people in Southport. We cut that bit here though, to make this video shorter and as useful as possible for the secondary school curriculum!

We really hope this is helpful for anyone out there, whether it’s something you’ve personally struggled with or not. We never know what’s around the next corner, but we can have hope.

First in a series of real-talk sessions in our Safe Space to explore the big issues of life and faith.


  • Text “YM” to 85258
  • Young Minds
  • Call Childline on 0800 1111
  • Check out

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