You, Me & RSE

A great opportunity that came our way recently was running lessons in Primary Schools. I (Hettie), was asked to write and deliver RSE lessons for Y5&6 by a local Headteacher. RSE stands for ‘Relationships and Sex Education’.

Relationships and puberty education is mandatory in Primary Schools and it was a privilege to be thought of as someone who could create quality lessons to explore relationships and growing up. I created 4 sessions in line with Government guidance and school policies that had a major emphasis on positive relationships: with friends, family, romantically and with God.

It was so enjoyable to have conversations with the pupils about the future and prepare them for the changes that will take place. Some of the conversations around positive romantic relationships were incredible: it was so beautiful to be able to tell them how much they are loved and that we want them to have the best life possible and therefore want to teach them what great relationships look like. The conversations around marriage led to questions about myself and Tabz and how we got together. It was so lovely to share with them how it was our faith and this work, that brought us together.

There were many brilliant questions which led to great conversations, one of which led to me sharing some of my personal testimony, which had members of staff tearing up (oops). I was initially asked to run the 4 lessons in three schools, though conversations between Headteachers led to me running the lessons in two additional schools. Altogether I taught 30 lessons that I absolutely loved and were very well received.

The feedback from pupils and parents showed that the pupils are feeling much more confident about the future, particularly in regards to puberty and relationships, which is great!

Here are some quotes from the pupils:

‘I liked learning about marriage, relationships and puberty and found everything very interesting’

‘I learnt a lot about puberty and babies and enjoyed how friendly it all was’

‘It was very good and interesting and I liked the worksheets’

‘My favourite thing about the lessons was everything to be honest because Hettie made it fun and interesting’

‘I thought the lessons were very good and have made me feel more confident’

‘I now know lots of things for now and the future and can hopefully have good relationships’

‘I loved learning about babies and how they are formed and how they grow. I gave the lessons 5 stars because Hettie answered our questions and explained everything very well and we had our own booklets’

‘The lessons have been very fun and I understand more about my body’

‘I liked how we learnt how to have a good and healthy relationship and gave the lessons 5 stars because Hettie was very open about everything and taught us well.’

Although, these two reviews made me feel like I was being assessed… 

‘I gave the lessons 5 stars because you did good explaining and timing the amount of time we needed’

‘5 stars because it was well organised and said in a way we can understand’.

We’re so glad to have been able to provide this resource to local schools and their children. Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more, or even enquire about booking me in at a school:

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