2020 Christmas Production

A Very Merry, Laughs-A-Plenty, Twenty-Twenty, Christmas!

Make sure your school doesn’t miss out on our Christmas Production this year! We’ve made an extra special effort to produce our online Christmas Production professionally and locally at no cost to schools, all with the aim of sharing some “great joy” this Christmas time!Just like our touring dramatic Christmas shows in previous years (some of our most famous projects on our Good Show Project), we aim to explore the original meaning of Christmas and a message for today in a light-hearted, engaging, almost ‘panto-style’ way. A Very Merry, Laughs-A-Plenty, Twenty-Twenty Christmas!This is all viewable via our website, where all we ask is for a staff member in each bubble pops in their school name and class to let us know they’ve watched it – no need for bookings and calendar swapping like in the past!The video is just over the 45 minute mark – so great for a lesson slot – and includes a quiz that each class can play along with. (If your classes compare their quiz scores, feel free to get back in touch for a free prize for the winning class!)

Hope Over Hurdles Collective Worship Assembly
Putting Others First Collective Worship Assembly Video