Well done on completing your mission with us on the Mission Impossible Online Hub! You’ve been directed here to keep up to date with our progress of our future missions. That’s actually just a fancy way of saying we do lots of cool stuff in schools and the local community around Southport and have a bit of YouTube fun too!

We have a bunch of youth workers who visit schools and have a load of fun on YouTube!

If you’re in primary school, we have a whole load of videos on one of our YouTube Channels that schools often use in assemblies. They are packed with fun and updated regularly – go subscribe!

If you are at secondary school or are heading there soon, we have a special YouTube Channel called Safe Space. We do live streams and upload fun stuff, plus some meaningful stuff too, exploring the big issues of life and faith. Whatever you’re into, we think it’s worth checking out! We also have a bunch of other links too for Safe Space, including some online games, give-aways, etc. All to support you young people in their wellbeing and everyday enjoyment!