Welcome to our 2021 Easter Production – ONLINE!

Following on from the success of our online Christmas Production, we decided to put together an Easter one too! We’ve made an extra special effort to produce our online Easter Production professionally and locally at no cost to schools, all with the aim of sharing some “hope” particularly at this Easter time. The production is 40 minutes long, or we’ve also split it in half as Part 1 and Part 2, should you wish to use it as two “assemblies/collective worship”.

Before you begin…

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The Full Show:

The Safe Space Collective Worship Assemblies Team from SASWT bring you full 40 minutes of end of term fun with our Easter extravaganza – Hatching Hope!

This production is the combined version of our 2021 two-part double-whammy of Easter collective worship assembly videos for primary schools to view in their class bubbles. We bring back some of the crazy fun and laughter from our infamous Christmas production – “A Very Merry Laughs-a-Plenty 2020 Christmas”, along with exploring what the Christian festival of Easter is all about, in an engaging video full of laughs, quizzes, animation, pop punk, rap and a giant Easter Egg that burst open to bring us challenges!

In Part 1, we cover Good Friday and the passion of Jesus on the day of crucifixion. Leading us to look at what it means to consider ourselves and others around us to be of great value, and show that in our actions. In Part 2, we cover the resurrection and how the impact of this Christian belief is still seen today, especially when it comes to our final challenge for everyone to bring some hope to those around us – hope for new and renewed life after everything these last 12 months.

Teachers may want to watch Part 1 and 2 as separate collective worship videos. If so, these links provide you with that ability:

Safe Space is a project of Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust, creating a safe space to explore the big issues of life and faith in local schools.

Learning Objectives for Hatching Hope:

  • To widen understanding of the Christian faith, how the Christian calendar relates to Biblical events, the core belief of a relationship with God, and hope in the resurrection.
  • To implement widened understanding through reflecting on the need for hope in society after troubled times.
  • To see an impact in how children extend the gift of friendship to others around them, reminding others of their love and worth, and carry out practical ways to bring hope to others.


Mission Impossible is here!

You may know our organisation from 21 years worth of ‘Mission Impossible’ school trips. Restrictions haven’t allowed this for these most recent Easters, but this year we have year we have been working relentlessly hard to bring your class our most exciting and engaging online project yet. The Mission Impossible Online Hub is a video based online escape room style experience, with lots of codes to crack as a class (or individually in your computer suite) for Year 5s and 6s to discover the Easter events for themselves through the role of secret agents. Would your Year 5 or 6 enjoy this? (We think so!) Why not treat them to it from the comfort of their classroom before the Easter holidays, or if not, after they come back before the summer?!

If you need to download the video file directly for whatever reason, you can also do that here:

Media Attributions:

  • Mother Teresa – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7f/Mother_Teresa.jpg Evert Odekerken, CC BY 2.5 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5, via Wikimedia Commons