How the journey started

SASW Trust was set up as a Scripture Union Local Mission Partner in 1999 by churches and Christians in Southport and Formby, who wanted to serve their local schools.

For over two decades, the majority of schools across Southport, Formby and surrounding areas have benefitted through our various projects. These have been delivered by a succession of employed schools workers, countless church volunteers and staff, plus teams of missionaries from Christian organisations such as the Pais Movement and Master’s Commission.

Many have worked tirelessly to see this work continue, grow and develop through working in partnership with local schools and local churches, in order to see a substantial lasting impact across Southport in the years to come.

Original Aims of SASW Trust:

  • To contribute to the educational, moral and spiritual development of young people by working in partnership with teachers, youth leaders and other schools workers.
  • To work alongside teachers and their students to help develop an understanding of God’s presence and purpose in their lives.
  • To be a friend and free resource to schools and colleges, Christian teachers and students.
  • To empower and equip young people to be a strong positive Christian influence in their schools.

In doing so the Trust will be:

  • Interdenominational
  • Representative of the churches in Southport & Formby.

Scripture Union

Southport & Area Schools Worker Trust is a Local Mission Partner of Scripture Union. We love our partnership, the network and community across the SU movement, having had years of essential support in developing our projects.

95% of children and young people in England and Wales don’t go to church BUT many are open to explore. That’s why SU have launched the ‘Revealing Jesus’ mission framework, to help us, you and your church to connect and journey with ‘the 95’. Click below to find out more about how we can become ‘faith guides’ together!

Where are we at today?

We will always aim to stay true to our original aims as a charity. In order to do this most effectively, we passionately believe in the need to grow and adapt our methods in order to stay relevant and influential within the contexts we find ourselves in. This involves a lot of listening to both our sense of calling from God, alongside the voices of the children, young people and schools that we work with. Doing this has meant we’ve been on quite the journey since our formation, plus leaving us with an exciting vision for our work today and in year’s to come: