November 12, 2019

Higher Southport

This year we are delighted to have gathered significant funding to serve local secondary schools with quality music and SMSC project, working with bands from The Message Trust to provide performance-based lessons to each year group as a whole. The Message Trust offer highly trained bands, covering a variety of musical genres, all aiming to promote a positive message to young people and encourage them in their identity, self-worth and potential.

Last year’s pilot project received glowing reports from both schools that we visited last July and was considered to be of great value to the school community, both by students and staff. Due to this success, we have generated enough funding to run the project again, for up to eight secondary schools and culminating in a youth concert at the Southport’s Floral Hall. The full project is referred to as the “Higher Tour” and has been successfully running similar weeks up and down the country for several years.

The following video paints a picture of what this project will look like:

Please Click Here to read our pdf of the booklet the Message Trust have produced to give a full overview of the project and fill out the contact form below to request a brief 20 minute meeting with David (Tabz) and a member of the wider team to discuss how we can facilitate this project in your school.

More details:

Everything can be discussed through us paying you a brief visit. However, if you want to read up further on the lesson plans and booking requirements, please download from the following links: